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About Us

Welcome to Natuurlik Pragtig!

Natuurlik Pragtig was started due to a need for a natural alternative to skin care that doesn't contain harsh chemicals that can result in breakouts. Our skin care products are about bringing women effective, natural beauty care products at a fair price.

We're inspired by nature and the simplistic beauty in every day and our products embody this spirit. Our products are made to make your beauty routine simpler - giving you more time to enjoy the things you love.

Above all else, we hope to inspire women to look and feel both beautiful and confident in their own skin.



Our Products

We make high-quality natural skin care products from locally-sourced ingredients. Our products are plant-based and made from natural or natural-derived ingredients. All our products are handmade with lots of love and care is taken that our customers are satisfied with our products.






Our Mission

We believe that every woman should look and feel beautiful in her own skin - without having to put on make-up. Our goal is to make women confident with who they are and how they look by providing them with natural beauty care products that fit effortlessly into their lives.





Our Socials

We're more than just natural beauty and skin care products, we're also a community of women who are passionate about life and care deeply about others and the environment. Follow us on Instagram to be inspired to live a beautiful life.