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5 Tips for soft, kissable lips

5 tips for soft kissable lips - Natuurlik Pragtig

Nothing is quite as painful as dry, cracked lips. And once your lips start cracking, it just gets worse and worse. And it normally seems to happen with the change of seasons. To avoid this from happening, it is essential to take care of your lips. In this post, we share some tips to keep your lips soft and kissable. So get ready to pucker up. Kiss kiss.

When you think about it; our lips are the epicentre of our faces.No one wants to walk around with uncomfortable, dry, cracked or bleeding lips. The key to not falling victim to cracked, painful and uncomfortable lips is to follow a good lip care routine. Which sounds easy enough. Here are five important tips and tricks to making sure you have healthy plump lips at all times.

1. Choosing the correct lip balm

5 tips for soft kissable lips - Natuurlik Pragtig

Choosing the healthier more effective lip balm can be difficult. A lot of store bought lip balms contain some ingredients which are harmful to your body. Many of these lip balms contain an ingredient called petroleum. Petroleum is not only derived from coal and oil but it has negative effects on your lips. Instead of moisturising, it acts as a sealant which is easily removed, causing your skin to stay dry and cracked. In effect it causes the user to keep applying and reapplying, not actually moisturising and hydrating your lips. The best alternative is to use lip balms with natural ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter and various oils namely coconut, almond and chamomile oils. Choosing natural lip balms will keep your lips moisturised, healthy and plump.

2. Healthy body = Healthy lips 

Hydration is important for your lips, as for everything else in your body one must stay hydrated and drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day. According to Livestrong the residual water left on your lips lingers and maintains a fluid balance.  In the winter season, it is recommended to drink more water as the cold removes moisture causing flaky and cracked lips leaving your lips more susceptible to infection. Try and avoid smoking, which can cause you to get dark and dry lips. Continuous smoking causes your lips to rapidly lose moisture leaving them cracked and flaky. 

3. Watch what you eat

Some foods cause irritations to the lips. If your lips are cracked, painful and flaky it would be wise to refrain from salty, acidic, spicy and dry textured foods. Or at the very least avoid interaction between the skin of your lips and the irritant food.  Excessive alcohol consumption is known to cause dry lips; the alcohol causes dehydration not only in your body but on your lips as well. So once again! Stay hydrated!

4. Scrub your lips

5 tips for soft kissable lips - Natuurlik Pragtig

Scrubbing your lips once in a while will remove the dead skin cells. This helps to refresh your lips and allow your lips to take up lip balm and moisture more easily. Scrubs containing peppermint oil is great to freshen up your lips, and temporarily pucker up your lips as well. Did someone say, natural lip plumper???

5. Watch that tongue! 

If you’re anything like me, I have the tendency to lick my lips, especially when my lips are dry and cracked. I’m sure you’ve also fallen victim to this behaviour and know it’s something we should stop doing. Have you ever noticed that when you lick your lips, shortly thereafter it feels worse and drier? Ouch! This is because our saliva contains an enzyme that assists in the digestion of food. The enzyme isn’t moisturising and once the saliva evaporates we are left with dry lips. But if you are anything like me, this doesn’t stop you and we all fall victim to dry chapped and painful lips.  The only way we can combat this is to be sure we make the conscious decision to avoid continuously licking our lips! And to keep our lips moisturised from the start by following the tips listed above.

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